The practitioners of Nam do not immerse themselves in the supreme sounds (panc sabad) mentioned in the previous pauri (stanza). Their goal is the union with IkOankar (the Divine) and so they stay connected with the Nam of IkOankar. Life is only fruitful through connecting with Nam.
sācī livai binu deh nimāṇī.
deh nimāṇī livai bājhahu   kiā kare vecārīā.
tudhu bājhu samrath koi nāhī   kripā kari banvārīā.
es naü horu thāu nāhī   sabadi lāgi savārīā.
kahai nānaku livai bājhahu   kiā kare vecārīā.6.
-Guru Granth Sahib 917
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
In the fifth pauri, the fifth step of the ladder, Guru Amardas revealed that "artistry" and "mastery" have graced his inner universe, infusing his home-heart-mind with their presence; the Self resides within the body. Moving on to the sixth pauri, the sixth step of the ladder, Guru Amardas says that without the true connection, the body is helpless. We pause to absorb. Without the eternal connection, the body is in a fragile and destitute state. This eternal connection empowers the body to embrace artistry and mastery. In the absence of this enduring link, the body remains devoid. The question arises: How can we forge this eternal connection? The answer: Banvari, the Grove-Carer, the IkOankar (One Universal Integrative Force, 1Force, the One) is the sole entity capable of bestowing this expansive connection spanning the world, the universe, and beyond. Just as the Grove-Carer nurtures and embellishes groves, gardens, and forests, similarly, individuals can root, nurture, and beautify themselves by aligning with the Sabad (the hymn-like stanza that exemplifies the word-sound of the Infinite Wisdom). Guru Amardas concludes this ladder step with a rhetorical question: without the true connection, what can the poor body do? 

We reflect on the gravity of the terms "true connection" or "eternal connection." We comprehend their significance lies in the hope they offer. Humans still grapple with manifesting their divine potential. The eternal connection is the graceful conduit for us to fathom the artistry, the mastery, and the universe within. Without this connection, the body, our bodies, remain impoverished. Just as a tree flourishes by maintaining its link to roots and blooms, an individual blossoms through this eternal connection. When we connect with the All-Capable, boundless possibilities arise. A question surfaces: How do we ensure this connection remains steadfast? Sustained by the grace of the All-Capable’s Sabad and our devotion to the Sabad, this connection endures. Apart from cultivating this bond, the body remains limited in its capacities. There is nothing else that the body can do. Devoid of this enduring connection, the body’s potential lies untapped. We possess the ability to establish this eternal connection; what is the requisite action? The answer lies in the fourth step of this path—embracing Nam, Identification with the All-Capable, the One, as our support, and fostering a love for Sabad. We may realize this eternal connection when love and Nam reside within us. This fragile body finds its purpose in nurturing this connection. As this bond flourishes, the body metamorphoses into a power conduit akin to the All-Powerful and exudes beauty reminiscent of the All-Beautiful.

We may ask ourselves: Are we ready to embark on a journey to unveil the artistry and mastery within us through the graceful conduit of the eternal connection, or are we content with leaving our body’s divine potential untapped and our existence fragile? The choice is ours: to fortify our bodies and reveal the universe of artistry and mastery within, or to let them remain impoverished and fragile due to the lack of the eternal connection. Are we prepared to embrace the Sabad, attaching ourselves to its transformative power?