The Guru Granth Sahib Project
Accessing Sabad for Today and Tomorrow

The Vision

In our increasingly interconnected world, the timeless message of the Guru Granth Sahib glows with even greater significance. This inspiring project strives to bring the wisdom of the Guru Granth Sahib within reach of English and Panjabi speakers worldwide.
As the ever-diversifying Sikh Panth (Collective) and the Diaspora spans the globe, we search for a thread that will connect the entire community. On the 550th anniversary of the Prakash Purab (Illumination Day) of Guru Nanak Sahib, the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) re-committed itself to the Guru’s vision to foster Nam-culture based on that which connects us: Sabad (Infinite Wisdom).
The Sikh identity has blossomed beyond the borders of the Panjab region, embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. With a flourishing community of over 30 million ambassadors worldwide, the Sikh identity is defined by living and promoting a set of principles espoused by the Guru. Sikhi has found resonance on a global scale.
The Sikh Panth is a vibrant weaving of principles and values, intricately woven through Sabad, that embodies the core principle of IkOankar (One Universal Integrative Force, 1Force, the One) given to us by the First Patshah (Sovereign). By forging a deep connection with Sabad, we, as a united community, can nurture and uphold cherished Sikh values and develop a better understanding of that Wisdom. Through this connection, we embrace the opportunity to address the pressing challenges that confront not only the Panth but also the world. Together, we can help create a future enriched by compassion and transformative change through Nam (Identification with IkOankar).
Our research is guided by the principles of Gurmat, which reflect the profound Wisdom of the Guru. To ensure adherence to these principles, our dedicated team of researchers, subject-matter experts, transcreators, editors, designers, translators, and calligraphers diligently consult a wide range of resources. However, their foremost focus is the internal evidence found within the sacred text of the Guru Granth Sahib. This deep reverence for the Guru's teachings serves as the cornerstone of our content development process.
Seeking the Living Guru-Wisdom

In the realm of Sabad, boundless and infinite, our human understanding is inherently limited. Therefore, special attention is paid to the transcreation process. Transcreation, distinct from mere translation, embraces our current understanding as seekers within our unique contexts. It acknowledges that our comprehension today may differ from yesterday and evolve tomorrow as we delve deeper into our loving connection with the eternal Sabad.

An example of transcreation is the aspiration to grasp and convey the essence of the attributes of IkOankar as they manifest in the original text. This project chooses to avoid terms such as ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ which inadvertently project undue connotations onto the Guru-Wisdom. By adopting this approach, we seek to foster a sense of closeness and intimacy, enabling individuals to engage more intimately with the radical teachings encapsulated within the Guru Granth Sahib. Unlock the treasures of Nam in the Guru Granth Sahib by immersing yourself in the divine Wisdom of Sabad as you explore the rich tapestry of the language of Gurbani
The Roadmap: A 20+ Year Journey
2020 marked the beginning of our collective endeavor to diligently compile the transcreation and translation of the entire Guru Granth Sahib over the next two decades. Through this concerted effort, we aspire to establish a dynamic, inclusive, free, and accessible platform that fosters collaboration and serves as an inspiration for transcendent love and justice globally. By leveraging the power of research, thoughtful interpretation, and collaborative might, we are paving the way for an immersive experience, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage with the wisdom encapsulated within the Guru Granth Sahib. This platform empowers individuals to move forward on their journey with Nam through Sabad, propelling them toward a deep connection with IkOankar.
The interpretation of the Guru Granth Sahib presents a formidable challenge, demanding collective effort and unwavering scholarly discipline. Individuals embark on this interpretive journey, drawing upon their own knowledge, understanding, and capacity. However, it is crucial to recognize that no single interpretation can be deemed definitive or final. The depth and richness of the Guru Granth Sahib transcends any singular perspective, urging us to approach its teachings with humility, acknowledging the vastness of its wisdom, and the ongoing nature of interpretation.
A single correct translation is inherently impossible. Translations of texts, including religious ones, offer a range of possibilities rather than a definitive “right” or “wrong.” Various translations can coexist without necessitating the labeling of one as "correct" and others as "incorrect." This inherent ambiguity, imprecision, and multivalence of language pose significant challenges when it comes to reliably translating religious texts.
About Sikh Research Institute
Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is a global non-profit organization based in North America whose mission is to provide educational resources to Sikhs to lead a Guru-inspired life. SikhRI inspires individuals to connect with their roots and organizations to engage in critical thinking through the IkOankar paradigm, the powerful concept of 1-Ness within the Guru Granth Sahib. SikhRI is an oasis for development and dialogue based on values of excellence, integrity, and service, all aimed at unlocking the full potential of humanity.
SikhRI actively fosters global harmony by cultivating stronger relationships within and beyond the Sikh community. Our efforts encompass a range of initiatives, including group training, curriculum development, raising global awareness of Sikhi, and offering strategic solutions to address fundamental challenges faced by the Sikh Panth worldwide. We are committed to nurturing critical thinking within Sikh institutions through our State of the Panth report series while facilitating collaborative exploration the Guru Granth Sahib in contemporary Panjabi and English for a global audience.
SikhRI also offers diverse, immersive programs, webinars, podcasts, workshops, online courses, and lectures covering a wide spectrum of topics such as spirituality, history, culture, politics, language, community, family, and personal development. Our flagship program, Sidak, is a two-week immersive leadership development course for college students and young professionals.
Through these multifaceted endeavors, SikhRI strives to create a platform that promotes dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among diverse communities. By engaging in educational initiatives and providing strategic resources, we work towards fostering a more harmonious and inclusive global society.
SikhRI also lends its expertise in the fields of art and literature. In 2016, SikhRI curated the Emperor-Prophet: Guru Gobind Singh Sahib exhibition for the Government of Bihar in partnership with the Panjab Digital Library. In 2019, SikhRI was the sole content curator for IN5 EXPERIUM – The Golden Temple, an audio-visual exhibition launched in Toronto, Canada, in partnership with PDA Trade Fairs Pvt Ltd. In 2020, SikhRI curated the Guru Nanak Sahib: 1-Ness to 1-Identity exhibition, which was launched at the National Museum in New Delhi, India, in partnership with VOYCE (Vision & Opportunity for Youth & Community Empowerment).
Our volunteers and donors' unwavering support and generosity empower us to wholeheartedly accomplish our mission of cultivating a spirit of learning and growth within the global community. Their selfless contributions are deeply valued, as they enable us to offer these valuable resources freely and ensure accessibility for anyone seeking to learn about Sikhi, nurturing a collective thirst for knowledge and a deepening connection with the Divine. We are immensely grateful for their invaluable support in our journey to enlighten minds and uplift spirits.