Guru Arjan Sahib states that the virtues of IkOankar (the Divine) cannot be fully known or described, as the entire expanse of IkOankar is awe-inspiring. Corresponding to the fifteen-day lunar calendar and each pauri (stanza) correlates to each day formed by the waxing and waning of the moon. The eleventh pauri states that knowing IkOankar as ever-present, singing the virtues of IkOankar, and cultivating contentment and compassion are the true fasting to be observed on the eleventh lunar day.
eko eku bakhānīai   birlā jāṇai svādu.
guṇ gobind na jāṇīai   nānak sabhu bismādu.11.
-Guru Granth Sahib 299
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
In the eleventh salok (couplet), Guru Arjan says that Gobind, the Knower of Creation, is the only One to be remembered, but only a few or the rare ones know the essence of this. Only a few enjoy the taste of this understanding, the bliss of this understanding. All virtues of Gobind cannot be known, and this lack of knowing is awe-inspiring. The Guru urges us to enjoy not knowing fully, to relish the taste of vastness in creation.