In this pauri, the human body is addressed, and it is stated that it has forgotten the Creator. The life of a being is considered fruitful only when the Creator comes to dwell in the mind through the Wisdom (Guru). Such a being experiences bliss.
e sarīrā   meriā isu jag mahi āi kai   kiā tudhu karam kamāiā.
ki karam kamāiā tudhu sarīrā   jag mahi āiā.
jini hari terā racanu raciā   so hari mani na vasāiā.
gur parsādī hari manni vasiā   pūrabi likhiā pāiā.
kahai nānaku ehu sarīru parvāṇu hoā   jini satigur siu citu lāiā.35.
-Guru Granth Sahib 921-922
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
In the thirty-fourth pauri, the thirty-fourth step on the ladder, Guru Amardas imparted profound wisdom about transforming the body into a temple and meeting with the One, the orchestrator of all existence. Moving on to the thirty-fifth pauri, the thirty-fifth step, Guru Amardas turns his focus inward and tenderly addresses his body with a heartfelt question: O my body! Having come into this world, what deeds have you earned? Let’s pause to soak in the wisdom from the previous three steps. They emphasized mastery of one’s tongue and its profound impact on the entire body. In the previous step, we learned that when the body internalizes this wisdom and recognizes the presence of Hari, the 1-Light within itself and all living beings, it ascends to the revered status of a temple. The same question resounds in the following line here, with the body again being asked about the deeds it has accumulated since it arrived. Did Hari, the All-Pervasive, the 1-Light that created you, find a dwelling place in your mind? To have the 1-Light reside in the mind signifies a constant remembrance of the One. These questions, direct and penetrating, challenge the very essence of our existence. Guru Amardas guides us further and explains that it’s through the grace of the Wisdom-Guru that the 1-Light enters our minds. The body, on its own, is incapable of this. This grace isn’t earned through deeds; it’s an eternal gift from the Origin, the Genesis, and the Beginning. Let’s pause and reflect on the immeasurable generosity and boundless kindness that flows from this grace. Is there hope for the body not yet connected with this Wisdom? The answer is affirmative— yes, when the body aligns its consciousness with the eternal Wisdom. The awakened consciousness linked to the eternal Wisdom bridges the body and Origin, enabling one to perceive the grace. Guru Amardas concludes this ladder step with a powerful affirmation that this body becomes acceptable when it attaches its consciousness to the true Guru.

We reflect on the magnificence and vastness of the grace of the Wisdom. When we, as bodies, came into this world, it was like setting sail into the unknown, a voyage fraught with uncertainty, where the path ahead remained shrouded in mystery. Our actions haven’t always been virtuous; it’s as if we’ve been wandering through a dense forest with no clear path to follow. So, as travelers through life’s journey, we find ourselves pondering: what has our body been seeking all along? Have we, in our deepest core, invited the 1-Light to dwell in the sanctuary of our minds? Among us are a few who have welcomed the presence of the 1-Light into their minds. There is a profound message for them: guard against the illusion that this is solely your individual triumph. Such self-congratulation would be akin to a solitary tree in an expansive forest, assuming it alone is responsible for the entire forest’s breathtaking beauty. The residence of 1-Light in our minds is not a personal achievement but a sacred decree from the Origin. The term "Origin" transcends ordinary definitions; it signifies the Genesis, the Beginning, the One, the Light, and the Illumination. It’s like the sun’s gentle ascent on the horizon, dispelling the darkness of the night and illuminating our path. As for us, who navigated this journey without a map, when we align our consciousness with the eternal Wisdom, it’s as if a ship lost at sea finally catches sight of the North Star, guiding us safely through the vast and uncertain ocean of existence. The grace of the eternal Wisdom connects us to the Origin, much like a weary sailor who, after braving stormy waters, finally glimpses the welcoming shores. In this transcendent state, the body finds acceptance, and the 1-Light graciously takes residence in the mind. This is the grace of the Wisdom-Guru. Anand, the profound bliss isn’t contingent upon relentless toil and virtuous deeds. Many have spent years pursuing virtuous deeds, yet the profound bliss remains elusive. It’s time for a sincere and rhetorical question directed towards ourselves: what, in truth, have we been earnestly seeking all this time? Is our consciousness genuinely linked to the 1-Light, or have we been merely drifting in the vast sea of existence? It is a call for introspection, an inner inquiry that challenges us to explore what truly defines the purpose of our lives and our connection to the boundless wisdom of the One.

We can ask ourselves: What deeds have we amassed during our time in this world? Are we ready to evaluate our life journey? Do we aspire for our consciousness to connect with the One, or are we content with aimlessly drifting through life? What do we want our consciousness to be attached to?