In this pauri, the human body is addressed and informed that IkOankar (the Divine) is the source of this universe. When IkOankar places Own conscious force in the body, it is born in the world. Through Wisdom (Guru), when the being realizes its oneness with IkOankar, this world begins to appear like a play. This realization leads to bliss.
e sarīrā meriā hari tum mahi joti rakhī   tā   jag mahi āiā.
hari joti rakhī   tudhu vici   tā   jag mahi āiā.
hari āpe mātā āpe pitā   jini jīu upāi jagatu dikhāiā.
gur parsādī bujhiā tā   calatu hoā   calatu nadarī āiā.
kahai nānaku srisṭi mūlu raciā joti rākhī   tā   jag mahi āiā.33.
-Guru Granth Sahib 921
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
In the thirty-second pauri, the thirty-second step on the ladder, Guru Amardas imparted a poignant message to his tongue, emphasizing that no matter what it utters, tastes, discusses, or sings, these actions alone will not quench its profound thirst for the ultimate bliss. True bliss remains elusive until the mind is infused with the presence of Hari, the All-Pervasive, the 1-Light, and this essence then flows to the tongue. Moving on to the thirty-third pauri, the thirty-third step, Guru Amardas addresses his body with a powerful revelation, saying, O my body! Hari placed the light within you, and then you entered this world. Let’s pause to grasp the significance—the light of Hari, the 1-Light is not merely a guiding force; it’s a sacred presence within our bodies, illuminating our very existence. This divine light is what initiated our journey in this world. In the subsequent line, Guru Amardas emphasizes this idea: the 1-Light placed its radiance within the body, and this divine luminescence brought the body into this world. Such a statement challenges and reframes prevailing theories about human birth, unequivocally asserting that the light of the 1-Light within our bodies paves the way for our entry into this world. In light of this extraordinary perspective, what follows next? When we understand that the body’s entry into this world is so intricately connected to the 1-Light, Guru Amardas further declares that the 1-Light serves as both the father and mother of this body. The 1-Light meticulously crafts each body, shaping our very existence, and ushers us into the world to experience the grand theater of life. Through the grace of the eternal Wisdom, a profound realization unfolds within us—the realization that the body, as we perceive it, is temporary, and everything occurring in this world is like a beautifully intricate play, a theater of existence. This awareness beckons us to detach from the play; as such, understanding is not something we can attain independently. It’s a gift bestowed solely through the grace of the Wisdom-Guru. As the 1-Light set the foundational design of creation into motion, it also kindled the light within humanity, illuminating the path for bodies to enter this world. This light, we realize, is the essence of reality, while the body is transient. Guru Amardas concludes this step on the ladder by reaffirming, the source of the universe was established, the light was placed, and then you entered the world.

We reflect that within this succinct, five-line verse, the message is resoundingly clear as it echoes three times: "The 1-Light placed the light in you, and that’s how you entered this world." This repetition drives home the fundamental truth that everything in existence is a manifestation of the 1-Light, the very Architect of creation. Amidst this profound understanding, we find ourselves pondering why we so easily become entrapped and bewildered by the dazzling spectacle of this world. It’s like an audience ensnared by a captivating play, momentarily forgetting that the actors take on roles, not the characters themselves. We are meant to understand that the light within us is far from an illusion; it embodies the supreme reality. In contrast, the body is a transient and illusory form akin to a fleeting show. This radiant inner light acts as our connection to the vast universe, much like a luminous thread weaving us into the intricate tapestry of existence, thoughtfully woven by the 1-Light, the Cosmic Weaver. Through the grace of the Wisdom-Guru, those who attain this deeper knowledge rise above discussions about the world’s origin, lineages, and familial connections, all of which pertain to the body. They realize their genuine connection is with the universal light that permeates the entire universe, placed by the 1-Light, like an intricate web connecting all living beings. The myths and explanations about the world’s origin and creation begin to lose significance. These individuals detach from their bodily identities, shifting their focus entirely to the inner light. It’s important to clarify that this isn’t a call to neglect our bodies or avoid discipline. Instead, it emphasizes the need to avoid becoming overly attached to them. The body is a transient vessel on a temporary voyage, much like a traveler on a fleeting journey who comprehends the impermanence of their path and doesn’t overly fixate on temporary rest stops. In this stanza, the body serves as a potent reminder that, despite our understanding of the universe’s grand tapestry, we ought to direct our attention inwardly. Our inner being is of greater importance, like a treasure within a chest awaiting discovery. It brings us to a vital question: how can our inner selves experience anand, true bliss? Bliss emanates solely from the 1-Light who ignited the inner light within us, our parents, and everything. It’s like the source of a river, from which all streams flow, quenching the thirst of the landscape. This unequivocally dispels any theories or assumptions that suggest our familial ties or external factors can grant us the experience of bliss. Bliss can only be experienced through a direct connection with the 1-Light, much like a traveler who realizes that the genuine sweetness of a river doesn’t spring from its tributaries but from an eternal mountain spring. Through the grace of the Wisdom-Guru, individuals whose tongues have reached such heights find that their bodies are also in preparation to align with this elevated stage and are on transient journeys. We reflect that as we navigate this world, we play specific roles in the grand theatrical performance of life, contributing to the vast theater of existence, much like actors who comprehend their parts.

We may ask ourselves: Are we open to exploring the profound idea that the light within us is a divine gift from the 1-Light, the origin of all creation? Are we willing to acknowledge the fleeting nature of our physical bodies? What roles do we aspire to perform within the grand theater of life? What contributions do you wish to make to the world, and how do they align with the inner light?