In this pauri, it is explained that being clean from inside and outside is the way to have a fruitful and blissful life. Such a state is attained by connecting with the Wisdom (Guru).
jīahu nirmal   bāhrahu nirmal.
bāhrahu ta nirmal   jīahu nirmal   satigur te karṇī kamāṇī.
kūṛ soi pahucai nāhī   mansā saci samāṇī.
janamu ratanu jinī khaṭiā   bhale se vaṇjāre.
kahai nānaku jin mannu nirmalu   sadā rahahi gur nāle.20.
-Guru Granth Sahib 919
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
In the nineteenth pauri, the nineteenth step of the ladder, Guru Amardas revealed that some individuals hide inner impurities despite their pristine outward appearance. This deception leads them to gamble their lives away. Moving to the twentieth pauri, we encounter a starkly different human condition. In the twentieth pauri, the twentieth step of the ladder, Guru Amardas describes individuals who are clean from within the mind and clean from the outside. These beings, referred to as "nirmal," have purged themselves of inner filth. How did they achieve this remarkable state? They earned it by listening, following, and living the teachings of the eternal Wisdom, allowing nothing else to sway them. Not falsehood, not lies - only the wisdom of the eternal Wisdom. Their minds are firmly attuned to the eternal Wisdom, impervious to deceit. How can the mind that constantly yearns and longs to be with the eternal Wisdom be tainted by filth? What becomes of these pure beings, filth-free beings? They have acquired Nam, Identification with the One, turning their lives into precious jewels. They are good traders, having earned rather than gambled away their wealth. Guru Amardas emphasizes for the third time in this verse that those with clean minds always remain with the Wisdom-Guru. This is the state of existence for those pure inside and out. Guru Amardas concludes this ladder step by affirming that those whose minds are clean always stay with the Wisdom-Guru.

We reflect on the profound concept of "earning" in the context. What does it mean to earn through dedicated listening, following, and living by the teachings of the eternal Wisdom? How can we weave this principle into the fabric of our lives? Consider it akin to those who seek to experience anand the bliss and joy of life. They embark on a commitment, like pilgrims on a journey, humbly surrendering to the path laid out by the eternal Wisdom. They embrace these teachings with boundless love and willingness as a devout disciple yearns for enlightenment. They invest their tireless effort in the ongoing process of cleansing and chiseling their inner being, just as a sculptor meticulously shapes a block of marble to reveal its hidden beauty. They do whatever it takes to connect with and feel the grace. In a world where distractions and temptations abound, these individuals remain steadfast, their unwavering gaze fixed upon the eternal Wisdom. They heed only to the eternal Wisdom, forsaking the allure of material possessions and earthly attachments. Their hearts become impervious to the seductive whispers of deceit, falsehood, and impurity because the Wisdom is their constant and unwavering companion. They are drawn towards the Wisdom, their entire beings tethered by an unbreakable bond; therefore, deceptive desires and greed hold no sway over them. In this profound alignment with the eternal Wisdom, their thoughts and actions harmonize like the musical notes of a perfectly tuned instrument. They do not merely traverse life’s journey; they orchestrate it with wisdom and grace. Now, envision them as traders, not the reckless gamblers of life’s fleeting moments. Their minds are eternally entwined with the Wisdom, much like seasoned traders who make astute investments to amass wealth. Every action is a carefully considered transaction, an investment in the jewel-like essence of life. In the end, by listening, following, and living by the revelations of the Wisdom-Guru, we earn a life radiant with the luminous brilliance of precious jewels, a life guided by the wisdom and grace of the Wisdom-Guru. 

We may ask ourselves: Do we sincerely desire to live with wisdom and purity, both within ourselves and in our outward conduct? Do we genuinely cherish the teachings of eternal Wisdom as the most invaluable treasure in our lives? Are we committed to strengthening our bond with the teachings? Are we akin to wise traders, making thoughtful investments in our inner growth, or are we like gamblers carelessly squandering the opportunities of our lives?