The previous pauri mentioned the lifestyle of devoted beings. In this pauri, it is explained that all beings act as per the will of IkOankar (the Divine). The beings whom IkOankar graces and connects with Nam always stay content and blissful.
jiu calāihi tiv calah   suāmī   horu kiā jāṇā guṇ tere.
jiv calāihi tivai calah   jinā māragi pāvahe.
kari kirpā jin nāmi lāihi   si hari hari sadā dhiāvahe.
jis no kathā suṇāihi āpaṇī   si gurduārai sukhu pāvahe.
kahai nānaku sace sāhib   jiu bhāvai tivai calāvahe.15.
-Guru Granth Sahib 919
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
In the fourteenth pauri, the fourteenth step on the journey, Guru Amardas revealed the distinct manner in which the devotees conduct themselves. Moving on to the fifteenth pauri, the fifteenth step of the ladder, Guru Amardas addresses, O Suami! As You make us walk, so we walk. What more can we know about Your virtues? Guru Amardas invokes the term "Suami" among the numerous names of IkOankar, (One Universal Integrative Force, 1Force, the One). "Suami" signifies both "Master" and "Owner." This term signifies an intimate and personal relationship with the One. This connection isn’t founded on hierarchy or fear but is characterized by reverence, deep love, and willing surrender. We listen. We internalize. Guru Amardas’s Owner is the 1-Light—the all-Knowing, all-Capable entity. Guru Amardas, who embodies the myriad virtues of IkOankar, who is the devoted one, unveils that it is IkOankar who makes everyone walk as they are walking. There are no exceptions. Through the grace of IkOankar, those who attach themselves to Nam, Identification with the One, embrace Nam, follow Nam, live Nam, perpetually remain in contemplation, enveloped in the remembrance of Hari—the All-Pervasive, the 1-Light. Those to whom IkOankar has narrated the story of the One approach the Wisdom-Guru, receive the ultimate comfort, joy, and the bliss. The Wisdom-Guru leads them to amrit, the nectar—the Wisdom-Guru and grace bestow Nam upon them. Guru Amardas concludes this ladder step by affirming, O True Sovereign! As it pleases You, so You make the beings walk.

We reflect. It becomes evident that this concise five-line verse is a stark contradiction amidst the assertions made by numerous self-proclaimed spiritualists and others who claim to possess the knowledge of a definitive method and path leading to the attainment of supreme joy and bliss. It offers a striking counterpoint in the age of self-help gurus flooding social media platforms and exclusive retreats promising guaranteed happiness through their elaborate techniques and the wellness industry promoting various practices as the key to eternal bliss. The One guides each individual along the path, placing every being upon its destined course. Just as a GPS guides drivers to their destinations, it is the guiding force of the One that navigates the intricate journeys of all beings. No other force exists but the One; there are no expectations. The devoted being grasps that it is the One propelling their journey and the journeys of all beings. This realization dawns upon them because of Nam. Attaining Nam involves traversing a challenging path and disentangling oneself from worldly complexities. However, contemporary examples like the rise of mindfulness practices and meditation apps in the bustling chaos of modern life underscore that even among external distractions, individuals are increasingly seeking an inward connection to something greater. Yet, it’s imperative to recognize that while personal effort is essential, it alone is insufficient. Just as a plant needs both sunlight and water to thrive, personal effort needs the nourishment of grace. Grace, that elusive sweetness, cannot be accessed through arduous practices, rituals, tarot readings, whispered mantras, or materialistic methodologies. So, what course of action can be taken? Grace is received through the Wisdom-Guru. The Wisdom-Guru embodies perfection and is the ultimate coach, the supreme guide. Just as Olympic athletes rely on seasoned coaches to navigate the path to victory, seekers wanting to experience the joy and the bliss require the guidance of the Wisdom-Guru. The Wisdom-Guru imparts teachings, bestows the nectar of knowledge, and, through grace, infuses Nam into those yearning to savor the flavors of joy and bliss. There is no entity apart from the Wisdom-Guru capable of guiding individuals toward the experience of true joy. Are we ready to acknowledge the One as the navigator of all lives? Can we accept that we can never fully fathom all the virtues of the One?

We may ask ourselves: Can we genuinely accept the will of the One as the ultimate? Are we prepared to wholeheartedly embrace the will of One? Are we open to embracing the Wisdom-Guru as our trusted mentor on this profound journey? Are we ready to adopt the One’s virtues?