Guru Arjan Sahib gives an emotional description of the blessings of the Wisdom (Guru), through which the heart becomes calm and at peace, all sufferings and diseases are eradicated, all comforts are received, and joy and bliss prevail.
bilāvalu  mahalā  5.  
sāṁti  pāī  guri  satiguri  pūre.  
sukh  upje   bāje  anhad  tūre.1.  rahāu.  
tāp  pāp  santāp  bināse.  
hari  simrat  kilvikh  sabhi  nāse.1.  
anadu  karahu  mili  sundar  nārī.  
guri  nānaki  merī  paij  savārī.2.3.21.  
-Guru  Granth  Sahib  806  
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
This composition is set in the rag or musical mode of Bilaval. Bilaval is considered a rag of auspiciousness, happiness, accomplishment, and a determination to do certain things. In the Guru Granth Sahib, in the compositions revealed under this rag, there is ample description of the distinctive happiness experienced through union with the Divine that results in ecstasy, joy, and bliss on the path of life. 

In this composition, Guru Arjan says, the perfect Wisdom, the eternal Wisdom, has instilled peace. Comforts have arisen, and unstruck musical instruments have resounded. After a worldly wedding ceremony is complete, after the events are over, and things have hopefully gone over well, a sense of relief and peace that comes. There is always so much up in the air logistically and emotionally — planning, quarrels and demands, and pride. When the ceremonies and events are over, we think, thank goodness, everything turned out okay. That relief and happiness can last a while, but it eventually ends. How can we make that feeling perpetual in this union with IkOankar (One Creative and Pervasive Force, 1Force, the One)? How does our happiness become lasting internally in the transcendent union with IkOankar? Actual peace comes when the eternal Wisdom has instilled it within us, when the Wisdom brings it within us. When this level of peace comes, comfort is born within us. This is when the unstruck melodies of bliss resound within. That resounding is constant.

The perfect Wisdom, the eternal Wisdom, has instilled peace. Comforts have arisen, and unstruck musical instruments have resounded. In this state, fevers, sins, and afflictions have perished from within. All the things that ail us — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ailments, transgressions, sufferings, and afflictions — are dispelled. All of our vices are destroyed through the Remembrance and Identification with the 1-Light, the Dispeller of fear and the Remover of suffering. All the things that cause us pain leave us, and all the things that do not allow lasting comfort and happiness to occur are no longer in our way. Some of this is taken care of during worldly marriages for a brief period because we are all so excited. But when that joy wears off, we are left with the same ailments. In this union, through this Remembrance and Identification, these things have actually left us from within. They have been destroyed through Remembrance. The complete and inner Wisdom has caused peace, and the result of that is that these different kinds of pains have all run from us. We are no longer occupied with them. We have time to practice Identification and Remembrance of the One. And whatever causes these pains also run away in that all-pervasive Fear-Eliminator’s presence.

The perfect Wisdom, the eternal Wisdom, has instilled peace. Comforts have arisen, and unstruck musical instruments have resounded. Guru Arjan transports us from the physical to the nonphysical and says, O beautiful feminine seekers! Having gathered, enjoy bliss. We are all beautiful feminine seekers. This connection is what defines our beauty. We become beautiful in this union. We become beautiful seekers because we have allowed the Wisdom to eliminate our ailments, our pains, our transgressions, and our sufferings. Guru Arjan invites these feminine seekers to come and celebrate together because Guru Nanak has beautified and preserved his honor. Guru Arjan gives all the credit to Guru Nanak. What is meant by this invocation? To Guru Arjan, this establishes that Guru Nanak is the embodiment of the One. The compositions uttered by Guru Nanak are the Wisdom for the world, all eras, and all people. This Wisdom will never run out — it is the Wisdom that eliminates ignorance in the world, that bestows freedom, that causes darkness to run away and is available and accessible to everyone. This is what Guru Arjan is celebrating as a human-bride, as a seeker who is wedded to the Spouse.

In this composition, Guru Arjan describes the effects of the union, of the Wisdom instilling peace, comfort, and bliss within. We, as seekers and human-brides are invited to pursue that same experience, to feel the change that the eternal Wisdom can bring within us, to experience our ailments and pains running from us. We are guided toward practicing Remembrance and Identification with the One who removes suffering. We are shown that it is possible for all of us to have this experience. We are reminded that this is possible through the Wisdom of Guru Nanak, the Wisdom for all eras. Will we celebrate this gift by rooting ourselves in it? Will we become Wisdom-oriented? Will we seek the destruction of our vices through Remembrance and Identification? Will we experience internal peace and comfort? Will bliss resound within us? Will we become beautified by Guru Nanak’s Wisdom?