This pauri, revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib, is accompanied by two saloks. The first salok comprises eighteen lines, and the second contains seven lines. Both saloks are concerned with the ‘disease’ of haumai (ego). The first salok depicts the overarching influence of ego on human life as the primary cause behind all human action, from birth to death. The second salok describes the Order as the source of this disease that can be cured by Grace alone. This pauri conveys that only those disciplined and content individuals engaged in upright endeavors while remembering true Nam, who do not involve themselves in ego and corrupt actions, find the great Master of boundless treasures.
sev kītī santokhīīṁ   jin̖ī saco sacu dhiāiā.
on̖ī mandai pairu na rakhio   kari sukritu dharamu kamāiā.
on̖ī dunīā toṛe bandhanā   annu pāṇī thoṛā khāiā.
tūṁ bakhsīsī agalā   nit devahi caṛahi savāiā.
vaḍiāī vaḍā pāiā.7.
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
Guru Nanak lays out the process for resolving this issue of I-ness by first speaking about the contented ones (those who have resolved I-ness). The Guru says that those who are really the contented ones are the ones who do service, who are contemplating on the Eternal. Service is not the only thing, it is one thing, but the service of contemplation of the 1Force is the service of these contented ones.

It is due to this, the Guru says, that their feet do not even walk in the wrong place. They are with the One, and so they know where to walk (how to live) — they have figured out what the principles are in life, they know what the good deeds are, and they know how to get rid of the entanglements of the world. They do not live in abundance or over-indulgence. In the context of various minimalist movements and asceticism-oriented spirituality around the globe, it is important to point out that Guru Nanak is not saying that we must go to a forest and get rid of all of our things in order to become a contented one. Performing minimalism or declaring asceticism is not enough. None of this can be done without the Wisdom, and only understanding the Wisdom is not enough. We must live the Wisdom, and change our behaviors to actually figure out what the principal things in life are.

Guru Nanak says that the One gives us grace and keeps giving. The way to connect to 1Force is by engaging in glorifying that One, through the service of contemplation of the One. It is through living out the Wisdom in this process — contemplation, doing good deeds, getting rid of entanglements, being minimalist in our engagement with the material — that we discover and connect with 1Force.