This pauri (stanza), revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib, is accompanied by two saloks. The first salok, comprising sixteen lines, displays through the repetition of the word ‘vismad,’ a remarkable tonal beauty in describing the unmatched beauty and innumerable wonders of the creations of IkOankar (the Divine). The second salok, comprising nine lines, represents all creation and its many facets as part of IkOankar. IkOankar pervades through all of creation. Thus, the beauty of ‘balihari kudrati vasia’ (I adore! The Creator is pervading the creation!) is highlighted in this salok. This pauri portrays the misery of a materialistic and ignorant person who wastes their precious human life in vain.
m: 1.
kudrati   disai kudrati   suṇīai   kudrati   bhaü sukh sāru.
kudrati   pātālī ākāsī kudrati   sarab ākāru.
kudrati   ved purāṇ katebā   kudrati   sarab vīcāru.
kudrati   khāṇā pīṇā pain̖aṇu   kudrati   sarab piāru.
kudrati   jātī jinsī raṅgī kudrati   jīa jahān.
kudrati   nekīā kudrati   badīā   kudrati   manu abhimānu.
kudrati   paüṇu pāṇī baisantaru   kudrati   dhartī khāku.
sabh terī kudrati   tūṁ kudiru kartā   pākī nāī pāku.
nānak hukmai andari vekhai   vartai tāko tāku.2.
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
Guru Nanak describes the aesthetic beauty in creation, and the feeling of being wonderstruck at the things which are evident in creation itself, including in destructive forces. This is an elaboration on the 1-Ness of creation — and not just creation but also Divine power, nature, and the active and dynamic creativeness within creation.

This is not just an emphasis on the 1-Ness of creation, but also on the 1-Ness of the Creator and creation. The 1Force is very much actively involved in and pervading throughout creation. There is no separation as we see in other traditions, where the One fights to control the creation or preside over it. There is no fight here. The Creator is in the creation, and so the realm of creation is beyond the “sacred” and the “profane.” This is where both “hell” and “heaven,” are on earth, depending on whether or not one feels the 1-Ness, manifesting here in the world and in the unfathomable vastness beyond what we witness.

All of creation is carrying on under the Command and is taken care of by the Creator — there is nothing — not evil, not insult, not destruction — that falls outside of the realm of this 1-Ness.