This pauri (stanza), revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib, is accompanied by two saloks. The first salok comprises four lines and highlights a true lover, the steadfast love of the Beloved, and juxtaposes it with the character of a false lover. True love is when a person’s affections are exclusively focused on their beloved; they do not desire attention from anyone else. The second salok comprises two lines and describes the state of a disloyal servant who salutes or bows to their Owner but does not obey the Command. Obeying the Command of the Owner is a primary condition for a servant. In an instructive tone, this pauri inspires one to enshrine the remembrance of the Owner in the heart and abstain from wrongdoings while leading a truthful life.
jitu seviai sukhu pāīai so sāhibu sadā sam̖ālīai.
jitu kītā pāīai āpaṇā ghāl burī kiu ghālīai.
mandā mūli na kīcaī de lammī nadari nihālīai.
jiu sāhib nāli na hārīai tevehā pāsā ḍhālīai.
kichu lāhe upari ghālīai.21.
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
Guru Nanak then addresses the question of what a Lover does. A Lover remembers the Beloved, the Sovereign, in their actions. A Lover does not commit deeds that are wrong (even if they seem pleasant at the moment), knowing that they have to bear its consequences on their own. A Lover reflects and has foresight, looking far ahead, beginning with the end in mind, seeing the effects of their actions. A Lover takes care of the Sovereign. A Lover does not roll the dice of opportunity in the game of life in a way that will result in them losing with the Sovereign. A Lover knows that it is not about luck at all, but about grace. Lovers are not by chance — they are by design. Service is what brings a Lover to merge with the Beloved, and when the Lover solves this mystery, they know that they are not really wagering, they are being assured. A Lover does not roll the dice because they are already in service. A Lover has gotten rid of dualities and dichotomies, score-keeping and classifying positives and negatives, and remembers the Sovereign through service.