This pauri (stanza), revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib, is accompanied by three saloks. The first salok comprises six lines and describes the prevalence of falsehood and the lack of truth resulting from the harmful effects of Kaliyug (present times). The second salok consists of ten lines and depicts how the world lives under vices’ influence. No one is untouched by the impact of vices. The third salok includes four lines and illustrates that though all consider themselves to be supreme respectively, in the court of IkOankar (the Divine), the only measure of one’s greatness is the honor one receives. This pauri depicts the helplessness of individuals and that only individuals on whom IkOankar bestows the enlightenment of Wisdom (Guru) may escape the influence of falsehood and merge with the Truth.
m: 1.
vadī su vajagi nānakā   sacā vekhai soi.
sabhnī chālā mārīā   kartā kare su hoi.
agai jāti na joru hai   agai jīu nave.
jin lekhai pati pavai   caṅge seī kei.3.
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
Guru Nanak says in this verse that the eternal Creator, 1Force, is watching all of this play out, and everyone is jumping up to say that they have done all of these good things, but 1Force is really seeing who is doing what. Whatever has been ordered by the eternal Creator, that alone will come to pass. We all make efforts according to our capabilities, but only that which the eternal Creator does in accordance with the Will prevails.

After we leave the earthly realm, our caste or social status will not be considered or measured, and neither will our strength or power. Those things are all inconsequential. What will be considered and measured is our actions, as per the Command. And only those whose honor is accepted at the court of IkOankar (dwelling place of 1Force, where 1Force operates and has authority; everywhere), will be considered worthy.