This pauri (stanza), revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib, is accompanied by three saloks; the first two contain two lines each. After an invocation to the Guru, the first two saloks emphasize the importance of the Guru. The third salok, comprising four lines, clarifies that while individuals may appear wise, intelligent, and thriving from a worldly perspective, they are valueless without the Wisdom (Guru). Without the wisdom of the Guru, human life remains unilluminated and without worth. The pauri explains that the formless One, IkOankar (the Divine), first created Ownself and Nam (Identification with IkOankar), then created the creation, and is pervading within it.
It is found that in some handwritten manuscripts, here, the word ‘salok’ (plural form), is written with almost every pauri; whereas in the contemporary recensions both ‘saloku’ (like the one in the pauri 1 and 2 of this var) and ‘salok’ (like the one in the pauri 3 and 4) have been used. Responsible organizations need to pay attention to this.
m: 1.
‘m:’ is an abbreviated form of ‘mahalā’ appearing in Guru Granth Sahib’s titles, denoting the Guru who has uttered the respective Bani.

balihārī gur āpaṇe   diuhāṛī sad vār.
jini māṇas te devte kīe   karat na lāgī vār.1.
Literal Translation
Interpretive Transcreation
Poetical Dimension
Guru Nanak invokes the Wisdom, or Guru (the one who brings enlightenment-light by dispelling ignorance-darkness), and the way it transforms ordinary humans into complete beings, becoming like the One (One Universal Integrative Force, 1Force, 1-Ness). Balihari is the word that sets the tone of this section: adoration. This is not just adoration as we usually think of it. It is an adoration that comprises of surrender, submission, love, devotion, and reverence. It is that sort of intense and multi-layered adoration for the Wisdom that is being celebrated, where the basic urge is to be completely devoted to and humbled by the Wisdom. The word balihari is invoked frequently at major celebrations or major life events, like weddings — the utterer expressing in that particular moment that they are willing to give anything and everything they have in celebration of the subject of their adoration. This is what we are willing to do when we have that Wisdom, in celebration, without hesitation or a second thought — the surrender has become a part of our very being and it flows effortlessly from us. The Wisdom eliminates all of our shortcomings, fills us with infinite qualities and potential, and is able to transfer an entire life’s worth of lessons and experiences to us within just a blink of an eye. Guru Nanak is taking this word, that we only utter on special occasions, this feeling that we may only experience once or twice a year, and expressing that those feelings of intense adoration and devotion occur a hundred times a day in celebration of the Wisdom.